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Need help buying or selling a car on an auction?

Let us help you.

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About auto auctions:

Auto auctions are a method of selling vehicles based on an auction system. Auto auctions are usually exclusive to licensed automobile dealers. We are fully licensed to buy and sell vehicles, and we can help you with your purchase.

The auctions we work with:

As easy as 1-2-3

Find the vehicle

Set your budget

Get your car

Use one of the linked auctions to find the right car for you. We can help you search the auctions for the specific vehicle you want and get the best possible price on it. We can also help you understand how much repairs it will need.

Figure out how much you are ready to spend on the vehicle. We require 10% of fully refundable deposit on the amount of your bid.

Once you get the winning bid, we can help you arrange the delivery. If the vehicle has a salvage title and needs state inspection to get back on the road, we will either pass it for you or guide you on what to do.

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